Signs of an Infected Tongue Piercing


Tongue piercing is a popular body decoration these days. Most young people opt for tongue piercing since it is an unusual place to get pierced. In a way, it signifies rebelliousness, individuality and eccentricity. Ideally, one should go to a reputable shop to get pierced. Also, make sure that the instruments used are clean, safe and sterilized.

Although tongue piercing is cool and sexy, what most people ignore here is the likelihood of infection. The risk of infection is high since the mouth is full of bacteria. Some complications can be expected for a few days, especially during the healing period. However, there are instances where signs indicate something's wrong.

One of the first signs of infection is a swollen tongue. Though swelling is normal after piercing, it becomes unusual if it lasts for over a week. This is especially so if the piercing has healed already but the swelling hasn't subsided.

Redness around the piercing may also indicate infection, especially if coupled with bleeding. Though these symptoms are normal especially after a recent piercing, it is very uncharacteristic if the bleeding and soreness subsist for a longer period. Seek medical attention immediately to avoid further complications.

A discharge of yellow or green pus is a definite sign of infection. It is very likely that this stems from improper after-piercing care. As soon as signs of pus appear, get medical treatment. After medical attention, one should also follow the care instructions carefully to prevent these complications from reappearing.


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