Do mobile phones cause cancer?


Wireless phones had been in vogue for more than twenty years, making it a necessity that almost everybody owns at least one unit. In the US alone, there are more than 279 million mobile phone subscribers. Known to release low-level radiation, cellular phones could create enormous public health concern if proven to increase the risk of developing brain cancer.

Findings from published studies revealed contradicting results.

In the US, a rising incidence of frontal lobe cancer was observed among women in their 20s between 1992 and 2006. No such increase was found among men, other age groups, and cancer of temporal or parietal lobes, and cerebellum, which are more frequently exposed to the radiation of mobile phones.

In Japan, researchers observed a non-significant increased risk of brain tumours among heavy handset users.

In the UK, a study found that the risk of brain tumour is increased among people who use cellular phones for more than 30 minutes each day over 10 years.

In France, researchers found no association.

By collating all the results worldwide, scientists found that the inconsistent results were due to intrinsic problems in the study design, which should be ironed out to give valid results.

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